LATEST: 7th April 2024- Two years ago we made our first aid trip. We have now delivered directly or coordinated 300 tons of aid into Ukraine. Our direct trips have included to Kyiv and Kharkiv. The requests to move aid currently outstrip our financial resources, not our capbility or spirit. 
We now appeal directly for corporate and philanthropic sponsorship. We all need to take responsibility for supporting Ukraine - the long-term political /military commentary warnings are clear if we do not do so. If you can help with corporate and philanthropic sponsorship don't hesitate to get in touch with us.                                         

Driving Aid to Ukraine

by Michael Byrne in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


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Who are we?

SummaryDrive Aid to Ukraine is a not-for-profit organization (Registered at UK Companies House No 14188343) that helps deliver UK aid directly to Ukraine's border and to the conflict zones/refugee centres. 
We are affiliated with the British Ukrainian Aid charity ( Registered with The Charity Commission in England . Number: 1164472)
Established charities often find it challenging to deliver/operate within conflict zones. We help fill that gap.
Given the scale and urgency of the need and the complexity of the mix of new crisis interventions / helping displaced people recover & restart their lives - a combined effort of all available agencies is required.
Our Mission1. Resource donations for the Ukrainian people.
2. Drive donations to trusted agents in Ukraine.
3. Connect NGOs in the UK and EU and coordinate aid deliveries
£2.5k/ month is needed to move up to 24 tons of aid on our monthly artic truck deliveries. We have delivered over 240 tons of aid so far.
Sponsor a pallet - £100 will pay for a UK pallet to take up to 1 ton of donations to Ukraine.
Please Press the donate button and contribute what you can towards fuel and help get this aid moving. Our 19th trip is in the planning.
PartnershipsIn the UK● British Ukrainian Aid Charity (Affiliation Status)● Support Ukraine UK-Non profit NGO● Help Ukraine Telford Community Interest Company● Goods for Good Charity● City Hub Ukraine -Non-profit NGO● 4Ukraine NGO
Collaboration in the UK● Global Food Train for Ukraine NGO● Hope & Aid Direct Charity● Holy Trinity Church (East Finchley) ● NetworkUA● Saltburn Ukraine Supporters NGO
Partnerships In Ukraine/Poland Collaboration in Poland● The Folkowisko Foundation NGO● Fundacja Rozwoju Regionow NGO●  The Freedom Embassy NGO● The Kresowan Care and Unity Foundation NGO
Collaboration in Ukraine● Ukraine in Armor● Ukraine on Palms (Charity)● HUB SOS UA● Poltava Health Foundation● Shyroke NGO ● 100% Life, a national healthcare NGO. (Ukraine Ministry of Health partners) 
The People
Driving Aid to Ukraine was set up by Michael Byrne, a former health and social care executive director and his 12-year-old son Patrick. 
Michael is advised on Ukrainian needs in real time by
-Polish and Ukrainian NGOs based both on the Ukrainian border and inside Ukraine.
- Tatiana, a Ukrainian lawyer and mother of two young children in London. Tatiana is one of the main coordinators of Support Ukraine UK Coordination Hub relief efforts.
- An Army Deputy Platoon Leader who can help verify aid requirements and in-country conditions. In February 2022, he gave up his business life to defend his homeland. He is now serving on the front lines.
Michael is advised on Logistic needs by; -Kelly, An ex-US Naval Officer with extensive overseas operational experience. Kelly recently worked on logistics on the Ukraine border and is attending Tufts University to study for an MA in Law and Diplomacy.
Michael is supported by:
Nicola Cousins, from North London, is a retired teacher, businesswoman, and mother of two grown-up children. Nicola is helping with financial administration and raising/coordinating donations. 
Lynn Winton, a North London journalist, who organizes specific fundraising events, raises awareness of Ukrainian needs and networks extensively on behalf of locally based Ukrainians and Driving Aid to Ukraine.
Anne, a retiree helps raise medical aid donations across Barnet and Enfield.
John and Brian collect and deliver donations nationally/internationally.
 North London residents/volunteers Sam, Carla, Anton, Anne, Brian and Michael help collect donations locally.


What are we doing?

Ukraine Needs
The recent and ongoing Russian missile strikes on energy/water/civilian infrastructure across Ukraine highlight the country-wide need for heat/warmth, water, health and food security. 
25% of Ukrainian hospitals are damaged or destroyed. 

Donation Drop Off Locations1. North/Northwest/North East London and South Hertfordshire
Please contact Nicola Cousins on moc.liamg%402180snisuocalocin 
2. Central/West/South West London
Support Ukraine UK Hub27 Bagleys Lane, Fulham, London, SW6 2QAorSupport Ukraine UK 154 Holland Park Ave, London W11 4PY
Contact 02030342060 and/or webpage for current opening hours.
3. East MidlandsCity Hub UkraineNottingham City Hospital Hucknall Rd, Nottingham, NG5 1PB
Contact Anne Vickers for current opening hours by email moc.liamg%4022eniarkubuhyticor07714783114 Detailed List of Needed Donations
New or ready-to-use condition items are welcomed. Please a request from our Ukrainian colleagues -no torn, dirty or excessively worn items.
General● New Socks & Underwear ● Sleeping bags ● Sleeping mats ● Camping Kit ● Tents ● MarqueesThermos● Hygiene products ● Blankets ● Dry food (i.e. protein bars, canned and tinned food, grains, pasta, rice, nuts, instant snack meals, tea & coffee, sugar, biscuits, cooking oil, salt and spices)
● Medication ( pain killers, flu and cold medication)● First Aid Kits/bandages ( Haemostatic Tourniquets, bandages of different sizes & widths, post-op patches (Leopad), sterile gloves, immobilization plates for fractures, collars, water purification tablets, pulse oximeters)● Hospital beds/Hospital general furniture● Patient warmers● Fliud/blood warming equipment● Lab equipment●  Surgical Diathermy● EEGs● Defibs● Laparoscopic and endoscopic equioement● Resus and intubation equipment● Decompression needles● Nasopharyngeal tubes with a retainer● Scissors for cutting clothes● Specialist medical kit● Wheelchairs/Mobility aids
Electrical /Tech● Garmin Instinct, 64 (66) Navigators● Motorola DP4400 UHF , DP 4800 UHF Band & DP4600● Radios & Walkie Talkies● Satellite Phones ● Electrical Heaters● Generators● Chainsaws● Torches and Flashlights (including with red UV light)● Batteries ● Power Banks ● Building Tools 
For children;● Children's blankets● Clothing● Baby food ● Instant porridges from 4 months. ● Fruit and vegetable purees.● Hygiene items (diapers for children, toothpaste and toothbrushes, soap, shampoos, shower gels, wet wipes, baby creams). ● New School Stationery ● Colouring books, albums for paintings, paints, felt-tip pens and coloured pencils. 
Why not buy goods directly in Ukraine Feedback from Ukrainian NGOs 
"Ukrainian infrastructure has suffered an immense economic and physical shock. Areas recently reoccupied by Ukraine have been utterly devastated. 
The war remains intensive and ongoing preventing a recovery phase from beginning properly. Energy and water infrastructure nationwide are targeted by missiles   There is a general lack of supply in Ukraine and the cost of supplies is higher than in the UK. 
Where we have local Ukrainian products available we order them in Ukraine and in this way we support local businesses.
It is often quicker and cheaper for us to pick, buy and sort goods here in the UK and send them to the areas in Ukraine where it’s needed the most.
In this way, we can get goods to leave our UK warehouse quicker and in the same week they get distributed among people who live under constant attacks."
Why not buy goods directly in Poland From February 24, 2022, until September 26, 2022, more than 5.9 million refugees from Ukraine (13.5% of the Ukraine population) crossed the Polish border. Poland has already spent almost 1% of its GDP on helping Ukrainians. 
70% of Poles helped Ukrainians in various ways: they sheltered them in their homes, provided clothes or hygiene products, transferred money to humanitarian funds, etc.
Currently, Ukrainians make up 8% of the population of Poland.
Poland has helped massively and continues to do so but they cannot alone: - look after the 5.9 million traumatised refugees who have crossed into their country.
-help the 7.7 million traumatised people (17.5% of the Ukraine population) internally displaced inside Ukraine.
-help the Ukrainian population inside the conflict zones.
-and prepare to be the front-line NATO state should the conflict escalate. 
The message from both Poland and Ukraine - Please Don't Stop Delivering Donations


13 million Ukrainians (30% of the population) are displaced. Many have lost everything, including loved ones. There is an increase in single-parent families and orphans. Raising funds to pay for fuel to transport aid is a priority.
The challenges 
● Ukrainians surviving a continual state of war.● Raise funds to pay for fuel to transport aid.● Organizations struggle to get donated U.K. aid transported directly to Ukraine's conflict zones/refugee centers. ● The scale and urgency of the need. ● The complexity of the mix of new crisis interventions / helping displaced people recover & restart their lives.  
Summary of the Areas delivered so farKharkiv, Sieverodonetsk, Chernihiv, Bakhmut and other civilian centres across Ukraine. (See picture summary on Facebook and below)
CostAll our time is free. We are a non-profit organization. Your donation will directly cover transport costs. 
Please Press the donate button and contribute what you can towards fuel and help get this aid moving.

Next tripsEach articulated truck cost approx £4-£5k. 
Volunteers-Currently, we need volunteers with experience in gaining corporate donations, grant writing and general fundraising.
Potential Volunteers, please contact Michael at moc.duolci%401enryb.p.m
Do circulate this link to your contacts.
Thank you

(Driving Aid to Ukraine - a nonprofit organization.)

Picture summary of aid trips

How we helped


16th June 2022

July Trips for Aid to Kharkiv and Front Line Communities

Dear All

The next trips in July are planned for 'Ukraine Telford' to deliver aid to Kharkiv and 'Support Ukraine UK'.to provide aid to front-line communities.
Again your support and help are appreciated to make these trips happen.

Thank you


9th June 2022

7th June Trip- Donations delivered to the Ukraine border

Dear All

Five pallets worth of Support Ukraine UK donations were delivered to the Ukraine border today. They will be on their way shortly to the front line.

Thank you for your tremendous support!


7th June 2022

We are off!

Dear All
An update from France. Donations successfully collected this afternoon from Support Ukraine UK. These donations will be delivered on Thursday and transferred to civilians living at the front lines.

Thank You


9th May 2022

Ukrainian nationals volunteering in Poland

Ukrainian nationals volunteering in Poland send their heart felt thanks to all for your help and support. Your support made this delivery of a 7.5 ton truck loaded with donations possible. The volunteers were clear 'the donations, as well as being absolutely needed, demonstrate to them they are not alone-you and are making a difference to them and Ukraine'

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